Sunday, January 5, 2003

Selling tech to execs
In 2002, over 73% of C-level executives said that technology business solutions were more important than they were three years before, reports So what is the most effective way to market IT products and services to these people?

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Is integrated marketing working?
Despite all the talk in recent years of fluid cross-media and integrated marketing, nearly 80% of marketing executives responding to a survey think the promise of integrated marketing has been only "somewhat" delivered.

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Car makers add horsepower to online advertising
Automakers are spending just a pittance of their overall ad budgets online, yet as eMarketer Senior Analyst Noah Elkin explains, a little goes a long way in the developing interactive space.

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Spam: 1 in every 12 messages
E-mail security company MessageLabs reports in 2002 that it intercepted a virus in one out of every 212 e-mail messages it tracks for customers. Although MessageLabs compares this rate to the previous year, when a virus was blocked in one in every 380 e-mail messages, it notes that in 2002, one in every 12 e-mail messages was unsolicited commercial e-mail, or spam.

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Web classifieds: Hurting, helping newspapers
The newspaper industry was initially blindsided by pure-play classified sites. Now, print stalwarts are beefing up online classifieds - increasing revenues and visitor satisfaction in the process.

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Sunnier days ahead
After a bumpy year in advertising, better times are predicted, thought TV spending is expected to lead the recovery.

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Challenging this assertion to some extent is the latest Media Spending Outlook white paper, sponsored by eMarketer and the IAB, which suggests that online media spending should rise by 6.3% next year, surpassing the 4.7% rise expected for total ad expenditures.

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Thursday, January 2, 2003

Avenue A unit updates online media planning tool
Atlas DMT advances its reach, frequency, and GRP product in an effort to increase online ad spending.

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Light at the end of the tunnel?
Further forecasts point to an online advertising-industry rebound in 2003 and 2004.

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More on the expectation of rises in ad spending during the 2003 calendar year may be found within this NY Times piece.

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AOL's problems mask industry strides
The well-publicized travails of AOL Time Warner reinforce the pessimism lingering over the health of the online marketplace, even as the climate improves.

In particular, paid search, classified advertising and rich-media buys are seen as rapid growth areas that have driven several properties' earnings into positive territory during an otherwise unforgiving year.

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Amazonian arachnophobia
Some operators of associate sites that link to are less than happy about the online retailing giant's search bots, which they claim are spidering their sites and AWS scripts excessively, consequently consuming bandwidth, time and money.

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Email tech players pitching sophistication
Demanding marketers are moving beyond 'batch-and-blast' and vendors, in an effort to rise above the cacophany of email management options, are beginning to give them the tools.

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Those starting out in email marketing are provided a primer on selecting an appropriate distribution system within this article from ClickZ.

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DoubleClick debuts new campaign management tool
Building on its recent acquisition, the online ad giant introduces Ensemble, a new version of Protagona's campaign management product.

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Internet lures entertainment marketers
Web-based marketing strategies for movie studios and record labels have only just begun to penetrate one of the fastest growing consumer hubs in the world, say marketing gurus at iHollywood Forum.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Is email personalization for you?
Unique, dynamically generated emails may assist permission-based publishers in standing apart from the spam-set, but they aren't for everyone. In the following article, ClickZ' Pamela Parker weighs up the pros and cons associated with the technology to help determine whether personalized emails are right for your business.

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Rich media ad use on the rise
DoubleClick's recently-published third quarter trend report suggests that marketers are taking a liking to rich media ads.

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In related news, eMarketer has examined reports on rising rich-media ad spending, and uncovered some surprises in regards to what is actually measured by such studies. For more on that, see this article.

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Sprinkle content with text ads, and stir
Recipe for relevance: Don't just return results, return content with paid search engine listings.

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Web develops its own 'Big 4'
WebSideStory's research unit says Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL combined to account for over 90 percent of shopping referrals.

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ABCi unit integrated into offline parent
Although continuing to audit websites, the industry-standard Audit Bureau of Circulations has made the decision to merge its interactive division (ABCi) back into its offline unit, in a move that could cut its audit base.

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Overture lands CNN sites
With Google nipping at its heels, paid search leader Overture announced Wednesday it had signed a three-year exclusive deal to provide paid search listings for three CNN sites:,, and

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MSN embraces Unicast
Mere months after favoring two competing vendors in its much-publicized embrace of rich media formats, MSN kisses and makes up with Unicast.

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Bonzi slapped with deceptive ad complaint
The suit, which the plaintiff hopes will be a class action, alleges the software company tricks users through ads that appear as computer system warnings.

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Copies of the creatives in question may be found here.
Active discussion of the claim by publishers and advertisers working in the interactive space may be found at Geek/Talk.

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Sunday, December 29, 2002

What the holidays mean to the heavies
The holiday stats are good, but what are the creative trends? To get a sense of what's really happening in online advertising, ChannelSeven talked with seven industry veterans - working for both small and large interactive marketing firms - to ask what they're seeing this year.

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NYTD gives interstitials another run
A month-long campaign for Sony Pictures is the Gray Lady's second interstitial campaign this year.

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Avenue A buys web shop
The online ad company acquires i-FRONTIER in a cash transaction that will give it creative capabilities and ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Cashing in on net coupons
BURST! reports that 19% of US internet users in general have redeemed a coupon online, and specifically 26.6% of those in households making $100,000 or more have used net coupons.

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Search engine marketing continues growth streak
Search no further than Google and LookSmart for an advertising vehicle posting consistent quarterly growth.

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Online ads set to rebound next year
In its latest report, Interactive Marketing: Stats, Strategies and Trends, eMarketer estimates that online advertising spending in the US alone will reach $6.7 billion next year.

Read a summary of the report here:

An expanded exploration of eMarketer's figures may be found here.

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Advertisers treat holiday campaigns delicately
Advertisers are increasingly recognizing that not everyone celebrates the holiday season with a Christmas tree, and are opting to change their holiday marketing messages accordingly in an effort to avoid isolating minority groups.

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Impact an offline brand, online
Your online brand and your offline brand don't exist in alternative universes. So why treat the media mix and metric evaluation as though they do? ClickZ Sean Carton looks at the dis-connect between interactive and traditional media divisions, and presents evidence to suggest that what happens online can fundamentally affect a brand's perception in the real world.

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Overture keeps Freeserve contract off the market
Paid-search provider Overture said Monday its deal with British Internet service provider Freeserve has automatically renewed, giving it until February to strike a long-term deal and fend off another Google encroachment.

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Tuning in and logging on
BIGresearch reports that 59.8% of men and 67.2% of women go online while they're watching TV. Is your firm properly targeting these media consumers?

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Reaching the Net Generation
The first kids never to know a world without the Internet will soon be teens. A former member of the last seemingly anti-consumerist generation takes a look at what today's wired youth will expect and demand from their media.

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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Tracking moves offline
In a development that is as frightening as it is revolutionary, Germany's largest market researcher, GfX, has devised a wearable product that gives marketers unquestionable insight into what audible media its wearer has been exposed to during a given day.

If such technologies are to be adopted by sample groups, this could represent a blurring of the distinctions that exist between on- and offline audience measurement and tracking techniques. That would fundamentally change the offline media scene as much as it would raise concerns about user privacy.

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Verizon, New Line team on Lord of the Rings promotion
A two-year marketing deal struck between New Line Cinema and Verizon Wireless includes a variety of interactive marketing initiatives aimed at maximizing the popular fantasy franchise. The grand push includes such features as a co-branded website, interactive games and sweepstakes, text-messaging communities and other experimental promotions.

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Permission-based email response rates build in Q3
DoubleClick reports that US e-mail marketing click-through rates grew from 4.85% in Q2 to 6.13% in Q3. Learn what kind of e-mail campaigns are getting their recipients to the next stage.

Read more: presents more on the DoubleClick report here.

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Endorsement deals to demand celebrity input
The stretching of the traditional relationship of celebrities and the makers of the products they are paid to pitch is part of a nascent trend. Companies are involving the stars they hire in substantive product and advertising decisions to counter intensifying consumer skepticism about the motivations and trustworthiness of celebrity endorsers.

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Simultaneous media use poses new challenges
New research says half of consumers use different media at the same time, putting the onus on advertisers to change their ways.

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TiVo fears begin to affect market
A new Forrester Research study finds advertisers in a quandary over how to deal with ad-skipping technology and ready to explore other media options.

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This eMarketer analysis looks at just how TiVo and similar user-centric devices are changing the media landscape and the manner by which advertisers must attempt to reach consumers.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

SBI to buy Razorfish
The $8.2 million transaction is expected to bring to a close the turbulent story of the interactive services firm that symbolized, to many, the Net boom's excess. Reflecting on just how inflated the company's valuation was during rhe boom years, this $8.2 million cash tender is several degrees short of the $2 billion market capitalization once ascribed to the firm.

The acquisition of Razorfish follows several other deals in which SBI snapped up devalued interactive agencies.

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ValueClick, DoubleClick part ways
As part of its drive to buy back $75 million worth of stock, direct-marketing technology provider and market intermediary ValueClick announced this week that it had bought out the rest of DoubleClick's stake in the company. DoubleClick once possessed a 30 per cent stake in rival ValueClick, along with an agreement stating that it would not charge the firm with patent infringement for as long as it held a 5 per cent stake in the company.

Now that DoubleClick has shed its interest in the competitor, and dumped its own media interests in favor of a focus on technology, the question now remains: Will DoubleClick renew its legal battles to increase its market share in the ad management technology space?

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USAI moves coupon promotions online
Moving to marry off-line promotions to its online e-commerce endeavors, Barry Diller's USA Interactive is acquiring privately held coupon book publisher Entertainment Publications Inc. in a $370 million cash and stock deal.

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US ad spending update
Reviewing e-ad spending from the top down, CMR released its latest estimates for US ad spending. The report compares activity levels in various advertising markets during Q1-Q3 2001 with those tallied during the same period in 2002. Growth is seen in several ad sectors, while online has experienced the greatest falls, with an 18% revenue decline reported over the period.

Also released this week, Nielsen reported its e-ad impression numbers for Q3. Both reports are put into perspective during the following eMarketer report.

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Monday, December 23, 2002

Online travel ads surge
Nielsen//NetRatings says travel-related online advertising grew by 39 percent in the third quarter, despite the travel industry's financial woes.

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Salon expands on interstitial model
In a move to boost flagging ad revenues, socio-political commentary zine has presented its unsubscribed users with the ability to trade a few seconds of their time for access to premium content previously granted only to paid subscribers. This initial experiment involves users viewing an interactive Mercedes ad spenning four pages in exchange for a day's premium access.

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Read or participate in a discussion concerning the development at Geek/Talk.
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Avoiding online reach overlap
Atlas DMT reviewed the online advertising campaigns of 58 Atlas Digital Marketing Suite customers to learn more about how many times US internet users are viewing the same ads. Atlas reports that 96% of internet users viewing the ads reaching an audience of between one and 10 million users per month viewed the ads on only one website. Just 4% viewed the same campaign's ads on two websites.

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Parents increase net usage
Pursuing parents with your latest campaign? Pew says 70% of US parents, or 45 million people, are currently using the internet. Learn what they're doing online and why from the following eMarketer report.

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Micropayment metering mechanisms
Will there ever be a viable micropayment system enabling publishers to monetize content? Existing infrastructure is better than you may think, as ClickZ' Vin Crosbie reveals within the following article.

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Making the case for MMS
MMS has been simultaneously heralded as the next golden child of wireless messaging and shrugged off as a ploy to increase phone sales in a stagnant market. Can it emulate the popularity SMS has found in Europe and Asia? And should marketers care?

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AOL lands more USAI talent
Lisa Brown will become the ISP's executive vice president of interactive marketing, after leading USA Interactive's e-commerce group.

More info:

Meanwhile, AOL has culled 90 employees from its interactive marketing division amidst the continued stale market for online ads.

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Dayparting, promotions touted at @d:Tech
While more subdued than many previous conferences of its type, this year's @d:Tech produced a few notable addresses of optimism. One such proposition for online advertising's future came from Yahoo!'s chief solutions officer Tim Sanders, who pitched the web as an effective medium both for those looking to target the day-time or workplace audiences, and those looking to tie-in a cross-media campaign in an affordable manner.

More on this:

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